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Anonymous asked:

Let's just do all of them! Red. Orange. Yellow. Indigo Violet. :)

Red- 7 insecurities- well, I don’t really have insecurities about my physical self. But I do have anxiety so I’ll just list 7 random things that I worry about. My own physical safety, planes crashing into the house, gas stations blowing up, my parents’ health, my girlfriend’s safety, my dog’s health and safety, and running into my ex in the world.

Orange- 6 pet peeves- people not properly introducing themselves, when people pronounce leggings “leggins”, when people try to call me “terry”, the phrase “this too shall pass”, bad manners, and when people ask me what my tattoos “mean”.

Yellow- 5 turn ons- biting, choking, hair pulling, teasing, dirty talk

Indigo- 2 weaknesses- sex and food are my ultimate weaknesses. I cannot say no if my girlfriend wants to fuck or if someone offers me delicious food

Violet- 1 thing you love- Gina Marie, the love of my life.


Anonymous asked:

Oh and I forgot blue and green too.

Green- 4 life goals- complete grad school, own a home, get another dog, be generally happy with life.

Blue- 3 fears- I’m claustrophobic as fuck, I hate flying, and I’m pretty afraid of various bugs

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